Swirl Ring

James Allen Swirl Tension Ring
Copyrights reserved to Brio Animation.com

Jewelry product design

New HD design images of James Allen products. All copyrights reserved and respected.
Made as part of my commercial work at Brio Animation ltd.


M&M - Modeling and Metal

This one is kind of a personal challenge. I am trying to make ultra realistic model of me own
Xt500, It's still in his early work in progress stage, but i' am getting there.

3D Package : Maya
Modeling : Nurb , Poly
Shading : Mia - MR
Lighting : Direct / Indirect
Render : Mental Ray
Compositing ; Photoshop


Face Machine Rigging System Tesing

Just a quick Face Machine plugin test

2D / 3D Logo Design

My Logo 2D / 3D design

3D Watch - Breitling Chronomat

3d watch presentation, created for .Brio Animation Ltd. All rights reserved and respected.

2D Sketches

2D Sketches

Stop Motion - Plastelina

Just 4 Fun

! Go ahead, make my day

I hope Clint won't mind

3D Package : Maya

Batman&Robin - After Effects compositing

Short After Effects simulation of what superheros can do

Compositing : After Effects
Animation : After Effects

Organic Modeling - Priest

Concept Organic Modeling - Priest.

3D Package : Lightwave 3D
Render : Fprime
Compositing : Photoshop

Stop Motion - 5PM

Stop Motion Project made as a school assignment
Kind of two birds in one shot. A short stop motion movie and a gift to one special girl.

3D Package : Lightwave 3D
Render : Fprime
Compositing : After Effects